It’s happening!

It’s happening!

Chasing dreams is a lot of hard work and if anyone tells you it’s easy, they’re lying. The work, sweat and tears we put in to things we so passionately desire are sometimes the most rewarding steps to success. They give you something to look back on, to be thankful for, and are gentle reminders that we aren’t where we used to be.

I just woke up one day and decided I didn’t wanna punch a time clock the rest of my life. I made a few phone calls, sent a few messages and the first few people that told me yes, and even the people that ignored me, told me or didn’t even respond, fueled be to keep pushing. The yes’s got the ball rolling and now here we are. When I made the decision to just go for it, I was getting supplies in the mail a few days later, finishing up a certification course online and starting another. My lash lady is probably sick of all the questions. Lol. But I love her and she’s never not told me anything, she’s a gem and a super talent in business and this industry.

I’m still nursing full time, getting back in to a salon, taking some courses online for a few other certifications, trying to keep a little art booth going locally all while waiting to start an Esthetician program in September for my license to pair with nursing. I’m so ready to grow! I’m excited to get to know my clients and see returning ones. The hard work and tireless days will pay off. I have vision. I have faith. I speak this in to my life day in and day out. I believe in God, I believe in my dreams, the universe, karma and all the good things. I believe my failures have been stepping stones to get me on the right track. And I’m forever thankful for failure, that’s where we grow, and that’s where we learn. There isn’t much of anything I’m not passionate about in this life, and my name, my work and anything attached to those two things, I’m all in, passionately and fiercely.

So to say I don’t know if I’m coming or going sometimes is an understatement. I got started a little late in life, so I have to get this ball rolling. I refuse to live a life of regret. I have no doubts I’ll succeed, I just need the time to get there.

People look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them I’m leaving nursing to pursue a career in the beauty industry, but guess what, this isn’t their story or their passion, it’s only mine, and mine alone. I have a plan to chase a dream and these are all just small steps to get there, I’m living with an open mind, staying focused on one day at a time because sometimes God takes us outside of those plans, and we have to be ready to follow those steps. It isn’t always comfortable, but it’s slways worth it in the end. We have to live passionately, it’s a beautiful thing to experience, otherwise, what’s the point in doing anything if you haven’t put your heart and soul in to it?

Thank you for believing in me, thank you for loving me, and most of all, If you pray, continue to pray for me as I take my steps in this journey. Taking a leap of faith is scary, but that isn’t going to stop me.

I’ve known failures and I’ve known success, and in my failures is where I’ve always grown, become more humbled and grateful for this life I’ve been given. I wish you all the same.

Much love and wishing you a life packed full of passion.

Monnie G.

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