Pull up a chair


As my life is about to go through many transitions, and perhaps a tad bit harder than I’m comfortable with, I see who is encouraging me, I see who is there for me and I know who is cheering me on from the sidelines. No matter your stance, I’m still here, chasing my dreams and always have open chairs and hot coffee most generally, thanks to my sister, I could never be that prepared lol!

I was doing a bit of reading this morning and came across this little Facebook post that struck me fancy:

”Sometimes we can get a bit self protective, focused on only what we’re fighting through. This means we need to learn to say “I’m sorry” when necessary. It also means get toxic people out of your space who throw away friendships easily. A real friend remembers who you are, not who you’re acting like during a difficult season. So so grateful for people who bring coffee and sit down, they don’t run away and make excuses for their own selfishness. Be a friend and you’ll attract the right people. Be willing to let go when necessary. #rideordie doesn’t come everyday. Hang on tight!” - Sandi Krakowski

Wishing you all the best Sunday. I’m sad I have to miss a big surprise today because I’m still down with this nasty flu. But on the bright side, I’ve continued to online shop and have these shop supplies coming in daily! I even got up at midnight and did a set of mannequin lashes because I was so tired of wollering around in this damn bed and killed it, snot nosed and all. Not even the flu is gonna hold me down! Lol.

Happy Sunday friends.

Much love,

Monnie G.

National Women’s Day should be everyday!